Benecos Natural Eyeliner Review

I have hazel eyes and usually stick to brown eyeliner shades, but LoveTrueNatural.com sent me an olive colored eyeliner from Benecos to try, and I have to say I love it!click I’ve been curious about wearing green eyeliner, but I really like my makeup to stay inconspicuous and natural, so I’ve shied away from going beyond brown and black.


Benecos is a German brand that focuses on inexpensive natural cosmetics, and this is their first product i’ve tried. Priced at $8.99, it’s a great deal, as the eyeliner pencil lasts a long time!

This is what the natural beauty shop LoveTrueNatural.com has to say about Benecos:
Think all natural cosmetics are dull and too expensive? Think again! Benecos natural cosmetics are brilliantly hued, modern and affordable. Made in Germany, they offer a wide-assortment of makeup products for face, eyes and lips. Benecos products are made with pure plant and mineral ingredients and certified natural by the BDIH. Benecos conducts no animal testing. Benecos — beauty you can feel good about! 
Benecos Natural Eyeliner in Olive
The Olive color is a rich dark olive gray/brown shade with a shimmering finish. It really compliments my hazel eyetone without looking like I’m wearing fake green eyeliner. I would recommend it for brown and hazel eyes especially. It’s a fun way to switch up black or brown eyeliner with a bit of color that still looks natural and makes your eyes pop. And of course it’s cruelty and paraben free, and certified natural by BDIH, a German certification that verifies natural ingredients and product safety. You can read more about BDIH here.


I LOVE the smell of wooden pencils. Yes a wooden pencil means you need to sharpen it every once in a while, but I prefer that than wasting plastic, and most plastic eyeliners I’ve tried don’t last long at all. Wood is definitely a more sustainable choice.


What Benecos has to say about the product:


Add definition and depth to eyes with our smooth and creamy eyeliner pencils. Made with organic plant oils and pure minerals, these pencils are easy to apply and give long-lasting color. Come in a wide range of shades for any eye color, mood or look. Gentle on sensitive skin. Benecos smooth eyeliner pencils lend definition and depth to eyes, and very gentle on sensitive eyes. Also suited for contact lens wear, non-irritating.


mini cons:The product is not waterproof, and you do need to reapply if sweaty or humid, but if you prep your eyelid with powder, it lasts longer. And in fact it means, you don’t need waterproof eye makeup remover.


overall rating: 5 out of 5

* LoveTrueNatural.com kindly sent me this product to try, but rest assured that I only review products I like and I do not get paid for reviews. I write reviews to provide info and tips to other women like myself who love natural and organic beauty products *


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