Bon Appetit’s pathetic cleavage campaign

We know print magazines are a dying business, but how unfortunate that in order to make their delayed transition from print to online, a magazine as reputable as Bon Appetit resorts to the kind of sexist tactics we’re used to from Go Daddy and many mainstream fashion brands.

I was walking down the street in downtown Manhattan, and lo and behold, an entire massive billboard featuring a close up of cleavage. No woman, no head, no face, just a real zoom in on the breasts, with a ‘tantalizing’ url below and a necklace saying ‘Bite Me’. Need i say offensive? Ugh.


Wow Bon Appetit, you suck. Do you really think this makes me feel like yay, boobies, I have some too, I should check out that site, what is it, how mysterious, is it porn, or a dating site, or a FOOD MAGAZINE? no way! how original, you tricky buggers, or is it aimed at guys, who are meant to respond by going ‘uh boobs, wow, i gotta check that out’. Whatever demo it’s aimed at it’s gross. And I am boycotting Bon Appetit – what the hell are they for anyway, when we have Yelp, and Epicurious?


Here are the pictures of their campaign- gender stereotypes and objectification at their crudest essence. Muscles and cleavage. Puh-leeze! And while it may not seem so bad to you, imagine a 40 foot high billboard of only the picture on the right in your hood… tasteful, right? really classy and innovative. i mean holy shit, boobs are cutting edge. and gourmet. get it? i mean i wish i had been at that board room meeting- let’s not use pictures of food, let’s use body parts. wait what happened to Gourmet magazine? Maybe they shoulda used lowest common denominator advertising as well…. so sad.

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  1. Primitive – keeping the audience dumb and dumber by using some very sexist, primitive images thus suggesting that sexism is cool since and MAINSTREAM. It’s revolting, i totally agree. Its also suggesting that gender identities really are simple: muscles and boobs. Gender relations = sex. Done. If it only were that easy. What’s worrying is that that images are powerful, they stick in your head as well as the messages they convey. Why can’t we have some tasteful, non-sexist, socially responsible advertisement? Hello?

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