cheesy caramelized onion + spinach quiche with homemade crust

i love a good quiche, and i dare say, i’ve created quite a divine quiche recipe. i used to make quiches in store bought crusts, but making your own turns out to be surprisingly easy and tastes sooo much better. crunchy buttery crust, cheesy yummy filling, this is a perfect brunch dish to serve guests, along with a green or carrot salad. 

IMG_7076i always make two quiches, so i have one left over for the next day, or i could freeze it for another weekend, and whip it out as if i’ve just baked it from scratch. but to be honest, i’ve never gotten to freeze the second quiche. my hubs just devours it. and guests always want a second slice.  the crust is not perfect looking but i like it that way, there are some crunchy overlaps and it’s uneven, because when i roll it out i leave it in that shape rather than trimming into a circle and wasting scraps. the crust is so simple to make you’ll be surprised. i make it the day ahead and store in the fridge. sometimes i even pre bake the crust the day before.

IMG_7078the great thing about this quiche is the simple inexpensive veggie ingredients. onions, and frozen spinach. you probably have that in your kitchen right now.


and the secret sauce to the quiche is the cheese. i use two kinds of cheese. Gruyere, which is my preferred choice, but is pricier. i buy it at Costco, but if i can’t, i buy the more cost effective alternative, Gran Cru, which is very similar to Gruyere. i grate either Gruyere or Gran Cru in my food processor. 


the other cheese is blue cheese crumbles. don’t worry if you don’t normally like blue cheese. you can’t taste it, as i melt it into the onions and cream, it just adds the richness and an irresistible aroma. trust me on this one. 


this is my favorite go to brunch dish, and i swear you will fall in love. i serve it with a a simple green salad made with red leaf lettuce and sprinkled with pumpkin seeds, or a super boost carrot salad, with grated carrots, and cilantro.IMG_7044

IMG_7045 IMG_7055 IMG_7056 IMG_7057 IMG_7059 IMG_7061 IMG_7072

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  1. This sounds amazing. Thanks for posting this up. Something different to try as well.


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