corn griddle cakes with cherry tomato cilantro salsa

this is one of my fave meals, and is requested by the hubs on a fortnightly basis. it’s fantastic in the summer with fresh corn and garlic scapes, but it’s healthy comfort food for the winter as well. i make it all year round as a veggie dinner, easy brunch, or delicious lunch. it’s a Mexican-Russian inspired mashup. 

i’m obsessed with pancakes, and while these are corn griddle cakes, they’re basically savory corn pancakes. the great thing is you can make a stack, freeze them, and then whip them out and make the salsa fresh when you have guests. it’s an easy and delicious vegetarian dish meat lovers go crazy about.


for the topping, i use sour cream (Wallaby’s European-style organic cultured sour cream is my FAVORITE, it’s more like Mexican crema). i also buy jarred salsa verde (Whole Foods store brand makes a good one), and then i make my own cilantro cherry tomato salsa. red onions, lemon, cilantro, serrano or jalapeño peppers, cherry tomatoes, and in the summertime, i love adding garlic scapes.


i discovered garlic scapes through our local organic farm- nutty, crunchy, curly scallion-looking things, they are incredibly versatile and tasty in salads.

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