destination wedding favors

Planning a destination wedding is easier in some ways, and in others, it’s trickier.

I ended up shlepping everything I wanted and needed with me down to Mexico in suitcases. And figuring out exactly what those decor items were going to be took months of research and planning, and stress. And I knew that I wanted something thoughtful, yet practical for the wedding favors, but food related items were out of the question, because people were travelling. So I thought why not give something small that was a reflection of me, and relevant to the wedding: a romantic poetry book, and my fave natural sunscreen!



I found the prettiest pink little book by Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda: 
Love Poems (New Directions Paperbook). Neruda is one of my favorite poets of all time- though Chilean, rather than Mexican, the fact that the anthology was bilingual, with each poem in both English and Spanish gave homage to the local Spanish language). The books are pocket sized, and really pretty, with pink covers and rose gold ornamental font and swirls on the front. My husband read one of the poems that is included in the selection to me during the ceremony, so it really was a meaningful and romantic choice 🙂 I decided not to cover the books with wrapping paper but rather just tie thin hot pink transparent ribbons around each book. I think they looked delicious. And where else could I find so many of them but on Amazon, my former employer 😉



Of course I am that OCD that I didn’t do this ahead of time at home, but rather bought ribbons and books in the US, and brought them with me, so the books, ribbons and tissue paper wouldn’t be flattened and crushed in transport.


And for the sunscreen, I chose Supergoop! Because who doesn’t need super sunscreen at the beach? And who is the most obsessive sunscreen tester and researcher I know- me! Supergoop is one of my fave sun brands because it’s easy to apply, doesn’t rub into little bits, doesn’t make you look ghost-like, and it’s safe, effective, and toxic chemical, oxybenzone, and paraben-free, so great for your skin, and babies and kids too.



See the Superggoop sunscreen tubes wrapped in recycled tissue paper & pink ribbons to the left 😉 The actual sunscreen product is
 Supergoop SPF30+ Everyday Sunscreen Lotion. At 3 oz, it’s travel size, and comes in a great air pump that dispenses the lotion easily. How I wish I could be on the beach in Mexico right now, testing out sunscreens…



Usually, wedding favors are given on the day of the wedding, but I decided to gift the favors to wedding guests as soon as they checked into the hotel, so that they were welcomed with a handwritten card- on letterpress stationary that matched our 
vintage letterpress wedding invites, as well as the wrapped sunscreen airpump tubes and poetry books. Yes it was a lot of work to wrap each book, and each sunscreen bottle, and write all the cards personally, but I wanted it to be heartfelt and thoughtful, and set the tone for the wedding week. We had friends and family traveling from across the world, and some were staying for several days before the wedding, so we wanted to make sure everyone felt welcomed.
 We had super positive feedback on our favors- everyone seemed to have loved them – love poetry and sunscreen- doesn’t that sum up a beach wedding perfectly?



We also had bright orange hand-painted Mexican maracas that we bought at a local market on the actual wedding night on everyone’s plate at the reception. Those were so much fun, and everyone used them to make noise and celebrate, and those that wanted to keep them, took them with as another favor, and reminder of a special love filled teary eyed joyfest 🙂



Did I mention that I’m daydreaming of Mexico? D-R-E-A-M-I-N-G. I will have to make do with testing sunscreens here in NY for now, at least it’s almost summer!!!

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