Dr. Hauschka Firming Mask Review

Dr. Hauschka kindly sent me this firming mask that ‘hydrates, revitalizes, smoothes and strengthens’, and though I’m only 32, most people think I look even younger, so why am I reviewing this mask?Dr1 I used to smoke- a lot- and I live in NYC, which is nasty and polluted from traffic, and I figure taking care of my skin with premium organic and biodynamic products is the best prevention against premature aging and skin damage. Plus I’m a beauty product junkie. I love yummy smelling delicious things that are good for me.


This is what the package says:


Dr. Hauschka Firming Mask is an intensive skin care treatment formulated specifically for skin over 30. As we age, facial skin has a tendency to become drier, losing its youthful ability to regenerate and maintain tone, form and elasticity. This rich, easily-absorbed formulation combines medicinal plant extracts to:


  • Firm, refine and invigorate ageing skin
  • Support skin structure
  • Leave skin feeling smooth and strengthened
Rose water, rose petal extract, rose wax and rose essential oil combine with mango butter, avocado oil, sweet almond oil and extracts of pansy and marsh mallow to nurture the skin, guiding it back to harmonious balance.


That description is pretty depressing, but alas we start ageing from the day we’re born, and I look at beauty products as a way of pampering, loving my body, and taking care of myself, rather than anti-aging. That rhetoric just reinforces insecurity.


I LOVE this mask. It smells delicious and rosy, and applies like a moisturizer, so there is no mess and you can’t even see it. You can feel it though- there is a slight tingling and firming sensation. It feels like all those biodynamic botanical extracts and antioxidants are soaking right into your skin, and they make it super smooth, and revitalized. It left my skin feeling and looking rosy and dewy, like I had some great beauty sleep. I use it a couple times a week, and leave it on for quite a bit, as I can put it on, and forget about it, unlike other masks which are messy and tighten your face so much so you can’t move your features. So it’s definitely a busy woman’s multitasking mask. I love everything that smells of rose essential oils, and the fact that it’s biodynamic, ie, one step further than organic (they pick the organic flowers and herbs at the height of their potency according to a natural cycle to get the most out of them).


mini cons: This mask is awesome. there are no cons, and the price is pretty good considering how long it lasts, plus I found it 20% off online (see link below).


overall rating: 5 out of 5


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Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products are infused with vital extracts of organic and biodynamically grown plants. Our products carry these plant essences directly to the skin to encourage health and reveal true and lasting beauty. A deep commitment to holistic principles guides Dr. Hauschka Skin Care to reject the use of synthetic additives and animal testing. We support the health of humanity and the earth.


* Dr. Hauschka sent me this product to try, but rest assured that I only review products I like and I do not get paid for reviews. I write reviews to provide info and tips to other women like myself who love natural and organic beauty products *

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