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Golden Nude French Mani

I’m really into my New Year’s nails at the moment- I’ve created a delicious combination of a nude pink with gold tips that is kind of Art Deco 1920s meets 2012, and seems to sum me up in a mani.


shot_1325374393432It’s mostly natural- I used a natural nail hardener as a base coat and top coat, and I used Zoya’s ‘Skye’ as my main color. Zoya nail polishes are Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phtalate and Camphor Free, and so far they’re my fave natural nail polishes. I always keep one in my purse cos I hate the idea of my nails soaking up toxic chemicals. So unnecessary!


shot_13253744787131For the golden tips I used Face Stockholm ‘Toast of the Town’ which I won at a White Elephant gift exchange- not natural, but at least removed from my porous nails by 3 coats of natural polish.


I think this may become my signature combo, as it’s neutral enough for every day but has a hint of glam of golden fairy dust for evening. Plus the colors are flattering with everything. Like?

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