homemade gift idea: superfood granola in a Mason Jar

i wanted to cheer up my sweet friend Bryan, and help him recover from surgery, so i decided to make a big batch of my homemade cinnamon sweet + salty superfood granola, and fill up a Mason Jar for Bryan. 

IMG_4927my husband started panicking because he is obsessed with the granola but i assured him there’d be plenty left for him…

i used a vintage looking Mason Jar, tied a linen manly looking ribbon into a bow around the lid, and added a handwritten note on some cardboard paper that i attached with a golden twist tie salvaged from some groceries.

IMG_4930and voila homemade gift complete. perfect for snacking on its own, or with milk or yogurt for breakfast. nothing like healthy comfort food. read about my superfood granola health benefits here

IMG_4926this is a delicious hostess gift, and great gift idea for a guy, dress it up with a ribbon of your choice depending on the receiver! and if you keep your granola baked in your pantry, this is a fantastically easy last minute gift. just keep some Mason Jars on hand, save some ribbon from gifts, and reuse, and write a nice card.


You can buy vintage blue glass Ball Jar Heritage Collection Pint Jars on Amazon – 6 pack for $11. I love the vintage blue glass look, so am going to try these out and see what they look like with the granola in them! I’ve also found lots of vintage jars at the Christmas Tree Shop!

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