How to glow and look confident in story videos

Confidence attracts. So you want to look confident in Instagram story videos, but naturally.

Does looking good make you feel good and give you a confidence boost? Of course it does, but who’s got time to spend hours on putting yourself together? I’m all about how to look as good as I can naturally with as little effort as possible 😝

I’m not an outgoing girl- I’m introverted (which is why I created The Introvert’s Guide to Lit Story Videos) but I don’t want to come across as shy or socially awkward on video obviously- I want to look relaxed and natural as if I was chatting with my friend.

So when I create story video content I follow these simple tips to look and feel more confident and show up in my best light:

1. It’s all about the lighting love

Since my husband is a producer this is one of his favorite lines, and I finally understand why. It would be impossible to show up in stories authentically and have your hair and makeup perfectly done every time, unless you’re Gwen Stefani maybe!

But stories is a safe space to be really you, and share a more natural authentic behind the scenes look at your life- that’s what’s fun and interesting about them versus the more curated feed posts!

Lighting is the key to softening features, blowing out imperfections, and making your skin glow, so you can focus on your content and spend less time on being self-conscious!

-> Indirect window daylight

You don’t need fancy lights. Just find a spot near a window facing out (not in direct sunlight) and see how that softens all your features and works better than any filter out there! I often sit on my sofa because of the big window behind it.

Me sitting on my sofa. Sure I’m wearing a bit of makeup, but it’s the light that is key!

-> Car selfies

This is why there are so many car selfies out there- have you sat in the driver’s seat and tried taking selfies or video? The car creates a lightbox with the windshield and the roof above you. That’s why the light is so great- it makes you glow- you’re welcome!

2. Use a filter to boost confidence

There are plenty of filter options in stories, and some of them smooth out skin tone and blur things up a bit, and create color effects, so if they make you feel better, use them! But don’t use the ones that distort your face and really change how you look like the Snapchat filters (unless you’re posting a funny story). Embrace your natural beauty!

My advice is to use filters in stories only if it’s enhancing your natural look rather than taking away from it and making you look different. That’s how I feel about makeup as well- just keep it simple and real.

3. Talk to your friend

Pretend you’re actually talking to your friend or group of friends when you’re addressing the camera, so it doesn’t feel like you’re talking into a void. Just imagine a group of people you like- and speak to them.

Of course you should be speaking to your target audience, but whoever your target audience is, you don’t want to be awkward and formal with them, but casual and at ease.

Now go and do it and see if you can look more confident in story videos! Take a story video of yourself and tag me @livlunamasha as a challenge, I dare you!

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