i got my hair chopped off!

so this is kind of a big change for me, as i’ve been a long haired girl pretty much since being a teenager… having a baby that was pulling and tearing my hair out was an incentive. as was the time i wasted on conditioning and brushing my long hair. it was just too long, and too dry. since i’m a mom i have very little me time, so if i was going to the salon, i wanted to have a real cut, not my usual trim and layers.


i wanted it to be choppy and fall at my collarbone, with some layers, but i wanted it to be long enough to put it up in a ponytail, because i think it will drive me nuts if i can’t do that. so this might not seem short to you, but i cut off 8 inches, so that’s how long my hair was!


i love it. taking a shower with short hair is so amazing. super low maintenance. i think it looks best when it’s wavy… next time i go to the salon, i’m going to get some bayalage highlights from super talented Master Stylist Heather at DPZ (Dawns Pizzazz) in CT, who created my great cut… but who knows when that’s going to happen… 


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