i joined the Beautycounter cult: my must have foundation review

if you haven’t heard of Beautycounter yet, let me enlighten you. this upscale natural beauty brand dubbed the ‘Chanel of natural beauty’ has reached cult status quickly, in part due to it’s exclusivity – you can only buy the products online or through a consultant. and in part due to the luxe branding that distinguishes the products from the sea of Whole Foods body brands. 



i only use natural beauty products for skincare and makeup, so i already was sold on their safe ingredients, amazing EWG ratings, and the fact that they do not use any toxic chemicals, preservatives or artificial fragrance in their products.


i had been following their Instagram for a while and was just desperately jonesing to slather some of this cultish miracle stuff on my face. enter Carrie, a lovely mama of two with amazing skin and BC consultant. she lets me sample their latest products, and now i’m hooked!


i had been looking for a foundation, but i didn’t want something cake like or airbrushed, i wanted dewy, but with more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, and a color that matched my pale yellow undertones. i tried several of my go to natural makeup brands, and couldn’t find the right fit. they were either too chalky or the color was off… during the transition to fall and winter my skin gets drier, and the last thing i want is something that exacerbates fine lines, or creates a dull patchwork of uneven color.


enter Tint Skin. my new BFF. it evens out my skin tone, and hides imperfections. i can layer it on for more coverage, and it never dries out my skin, or makes itself visible in chunky orange streaks. there is no tell tale difference between the color of my face and my neck. Tint Skin is not a mask, so if you need heavy duty foundation, this is not for you. but for light-medium coverage that looks incredibly natural, and basically perfects your god given skin, this is it ladies. with eight dewy shades to choose from, you’re sure to get your glow on.


here’s a video that shows you how you can create a healthy glow with Tint Skin, with sheer coverage, or layered for more foundation like coverage. of course the model has irritatingly perfect skin before Tint Skin is applied, but you still get the picture. come on BC, use real women of different ages! the brushes in the video do look great, but i admit i usually use my fingers, and it works for me.


did i mention that at $38 for a big tube of the stuff, it is quite cost-effective. it’s lasted me a couple months already, and i’m not even half done. check it out here.

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