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Here are some my top favorite dresses and looks worn on the red carpet at the Oscars last night & how they could’ve been even better:

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Though Gwyneth Paltrow showed that she can’t sing for sh** and her song was some kind of cringe worthy nightmare, before she changed into the gaucher Michael Kors dress, her golden Calvin Klein column sheath and colorful Louis Vuitton accessories were simply stylish in an understated way.


However, her stick straight blond hair looked so boring and same same, a 20s style sidesweep would’ve been much more classy & stylish. We know you have money, and have lots of stylists, so PLEASE get a haircut, maybe a perm or SOMETHING more interesting & pretty, or just put it up and stop bleaching & straightening it!



Also, though I loved the dress, I don’t know that it was flattering for her square skinny frame, as it accentuated her boxiness and flatness. I don’t want to think about how much fasting and drinking kale juice and working out with Tracy Anderson she did in order for that thin dress not to show curves, lumps etc… what torture (and what for?) Curves and waves would only make her look better!


Besides gold and metallics, different shades of purple were a big trend. And unlike Natalie Portman’s fugly Rodarte dress, the burgundy purple Dolce & Gabbana lace dress worn by Scarlett Johansson was beautiful.


If only she had maybe slicked back her frizzy hair a bit, I mean I know what the stylist was going for, but the messy tousled ungroomed do didn’t really work for the overall look.



The next outfit on the faves list, is unusual for sure, but so refreshing, in the way it combines a Greek goddess gown with stuctural
details and color. So stylin’ Cate Blanchett. A lot of people hated this
dress, but I thought she looked stunning, and it was nice to see
something different, something really haute couture.


What do you think of this lilac Givenchy Haute Couture gown with beaded accents? Love it or hate it?


The pastel lilac of course continues the purple trend, purple being a royal color, and also the color of the female suffragettes, so a feminist color, not that most of these celebs probably even thought about that…



Continuing the lilac theme is an actress I usually find quite common and vulgar and trashy looking, whose stylist nonetheless transformed her into something
more classy and stylish.


Despite her ungraceful mannerisms and body language, Mila Kunis’ lavender Ellie Saab Haute Couture dress with lace details was gorgeous, and soft.



Annette Benning meanwhile, who I wish had won Best Actress and who DESERVED to, looked gorgeous in this sparkly art deco 20s looking charcoal silver Naeem Khan gown.


Ok so Nicole Kidman got flack for her starchy hard edged Christian Dior Couture dress, but I don’t care, I thought it was really very different from the usual boring looks, and upscale and beautiful in a modern structure meets old glamor way, with cream color, metallic stitching that looked almost Byzantine.


However, her awful stringy bangs hairdo and necklace sucked big time, I LOVED her red coral peekaboo shoes screaming out under the cream colored dress. Super stylish color combo. If only she’d stop the botoxing, she’d look less plastic and more beautiful.


The adorable pixie like Michelle Williams wore a very modern classic, a demure beaded Chanel gown, which was very understated glam. Though it would’ve looked better if she would go back to her natural dark hair color, as it does wash her out.  


Where in all of this is eco fashion you might ask? Sadly, most celebs are not thinking about making an eco statement with their fashion, but there are exceptions! Both Colin Firth’s wife Livia and Suzy Amis, James Cameron’s wife wore eco- friendly gowns, which really kicks a**.  Livia wore an off-white upcycled gown from Gary Harvey, made from 11 vintage/thrift dresses. She looked eco fabulous!


The green dress that I liked even better however was the winner of Suzy Amis annual Red Carpet Green Dress contest, the eco fashion designer Samata Angel. I couldn’t find a pic of her wearing it, but here it is worn by a model. I love the pink and the chiffon, its delicious.


Here are some other dresses that I liked, some of these were from the Vanity Fair afterparty, my fave being Jessica Biel’s shimmery gold Versace gown.


Halle Barry is just so beautiful, and the older she is the better she looks (kind of like J Lo), and this Marchesa gown was like a nude colored taffeta dream on her, though it is a bit of a dated look.


Amy Adams looked gorgeous in L Wren Scott’s royal blue sparkly gown, but why did she ruin it with a necklace on top? Way too much going on, I feel claustraphobic just looking at it.


Before I forget, my two favorite Anne Hathaway dresses out of eight different ones she wore as co-host, were the burgundy silk chiffon gown by Atelier Versace and the vanilla-colored bustier Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci gown.


My only question is why did she keep holding her tummy in the opening? Nerves? Oddly she’s doing the same thing with her arms in both pics here….


What do you think? Agree, disagree?

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