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M Coat review: the 3 in 1 maternity coat for bump + beyond!

NY winters are cold, really cold. And I was VERY pregnant last winter. After trying to improvise, and wear my husband’s down vest over my bump in late fall, I decided to investigate whether I could find a maternity coat that I could use once I had the baby.

I was 10 months pregnant!
I was 10 months pregnant!


I didn’t want to spend money on a coat that I would only wear for a few months. Then I found the M Coat and started stalking it, trying to figure out if it was worth getting.


What’s remarkable about the M Coat is that it is 3 in 1 with it’s simple yet ingenious zippered reversible panel, that you can zip on or off, and attach in an A shape when the baby is in your belly, in a V shape when the baby is in a baby carrier, and without the panel altogether when you’re wearing it without carrying the baby (when she’s in the stroller etc).


In other words, you can wear the M Coat with a bump, without a bump (using the belt to accentuate your waist once it comes back), and you can wear it over your baby when you carry her in a carrier! So not only do you keep yourself warm, you keep baby warm both in the womb, and once she’s out in the cold.


i love the big pockets on the coat, and the fact that you can tie the belt above your bump and adjust the belt inside the panel to fit and accentuate your bump (notice the rucking in the front).

The faux fur rimmed hoodie is zippered as well, and has buttons to secure in place.


The coat is warm enough to wear in the snow, even though it’s not as thick as some of my puffers, which means I wear it in the fall and spring as well.


I like that it’s not as bulky as my big coats, and because it’s filled with down, it’s remarkably warm.


Plus having a bun in the oven, or strapped to your chest keeps you pretty warm, never mind the exercise you get walking around with the extra weight. Probably my only negative is that I’m not wild about the feel of the material (though the poly is great for wiping spills off), and the price.


There is no denying that the M Coat is very expensive, so whether it’s a good investment for you depends on how pregnant you’re going to be in the winter months. For me it was worth every penny.


I’ve used it so much more than I could’ve imagined. Last winter I wore it in my last trimester, and was warm and comfortable without some billowing frock, or my belly sticking out of an unbuttoned coat as a maternity coat.

apple picking on a cold day with my baby snuggled up in my M Coat.


Then I used it during her first few months of being a newborn with her in the Boba Wrap (a must have for newborns).


You’re going to need to buy some kind of cover for the carrier, as you have to wear it under a coat, and there is not way to cover a baby with a normal sized coat, so same dilemma as with the bump.


So in essence the M Coat saves you buying a maternity coat, and a baby carrier cover. This is the second winter I’m using the coat, and now I carry her in my ErgoBaby (must have for older babies).


Both fit comfortably under the coat, and the panel is fantastic for zipping up or down and folding over, revealing more or less of the baby, depending on how windy and cold it is.





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  1. Thanks! I’ve wondered how women do this. Having a coat unbuttoned for the next 6 months was my plan.

    1. yes in a warmer climate you won’t need this and can just make do! lucky you! our winter is not looming, it’s here, with 2 feet of snow expected this week…

  2. Hi there! Im desperately looking for a second hand M coat, $450 is beyond what i can spend on a coat right now! do u have any suggestions for resources or where i might find one used?

    1. hi Sarah, i know the price is steep, but if you have 2 kids, and you use it without the panel, you will def get use out of it. i also tried finding a used one and i think the reason they are so rare is that people just keep using them as their coats after they stop wearing baby- it’s what i did most of last winter… my only suggestions are mommy boards – FB groups in your area where you can post an ISO (in search of), and perhaps eBay. good luck!

    1. hi Mel, my M Coat is a Medium. I’m quite tall- 5’10”. Hope that helps!

  3. Is the coat waterproof or water-resistant? We get snow but a lot of rain in the fall and I’d like to wear it while walking around in the rain.

    1. It’s not waterproof, but kind of water resistant because of its material I guess, and the hoodie helps.

  4. Hi, thanks for this helpful review! I’m in the U.S. and haven’t been able to find many reviews about The M Coat.

    You mentioned that you’re wearing a medium. Is that what you generally wear for coats? Also would you be able to share what the shoulder to shoulder and armpit to armpit measurements are in your medium coat?

    I usually wear a mix of small and medium coats as I’m between sizes and it depends on the brand and style. But the M Coat website’s sizing info page only has bust measurements.

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