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olive oil zucchini bread with lemon glaze

somehow i always end up with some wilting zucchinis in my fridge, so i was on the hunt for fun zucchini recipes. and there’s nothing more fun than baking something yummy, and healthy enough that you’re happy for your toddler to actually have some, instead of having to hide it from them. the piece drowned in the lemon glaze, that’s for mommy.

i use organic coconut sugar in this recipe, which is what i use when i bake my favorite chocolate sea salt walnut brownie cookies. obviously it works fine with regular sugar too, but coconut sugar is- as i like to say- a third better for you than processed sugar. plus i actually love the nutty, caramelly flavor the coconut sugar gives it.

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coconut sugar is granulated coconut nectar, and is a sustainable alternative to processed sugar. it’s like a light caramel malty brown sugar, but unlike sugar, it has a much higher mineral content, vitamins, and amino acids. it’s also a low glycemic food, i.e. it raises your blood sugar levels slower, so your body is not flooded with refined sugar. it also contains inulin, a kind of fiber that acts as a prebiotic in your gut, supports fat metabolism, and may help prevent colon cancer.

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i’ve tried this recipe with and without walnuts. if you love nuts, try it with, but it certainly doesn’t need it. i love both versions. the pics are nut free, but if i had to choose i always say add nuts. the easiest way to serve is to make a pot of tea, and slice the loaf.  i also love toasting a slice in the toaster to warm it up and make the edges slightly crunchy. perfect for teatime in the fall.


i got inspired to experiment with this recipe by a favorite food blog of mine, Not Without Salt. she serves hers without glaze, but sautéed with butter, covered in a dollop of creme fraiche, and sprinkled with flaky sea salt. delicious! i’ve found cultured sour cream to be a cost effective alternative to creme fraiche, and i use it for everything. my husband prefers just a simple slice. i sometimes will fry up a glazed slice in butter, and then cover it with cultured sour cream and Maldon salt. ok maybe that’s overkill. it’s part of my anti-diet people.

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