The Benefits of Coconut Milk

I love everything coconut. And I’ve recently fallen in love with coconut milk. It’s one of my top 2 dairy alternatives. I especially love cereal with coconut milk. Coconut milk has a creamy and yet refreshingly crisp taste, and works great with fruits, chia seeds, cereals, in pancakes, and in smoothies.


You may be used to the thick canned coconut milk used in Asian curries, but I’m talking about the lighter milk found in the dairy section in cartons. If you want to cook with the thicker coconut milk, use cans that are BPA-free, or buy coconut cream which is available in a carton, and mix it with coconut milk. Fats are especially good at leeching BPA from can linings, so be mindful of that.



My favorite coconut milk is organic Plain SoDelicious. I know there is confusion about coconut milk and coconut oil because they have saturated fat in them. We’ve been told saturated fat is bad, and unsaturated fat is good, but that’s not exactly true. Coconut is a unique exception. Instead of the bad trans-fatty acids, coconut has medium-chain triglycerides, including Omega 6 essential fatty acid. These good fats are not stored as fat in your body but easily burned for energy.


Coconut milk also has an unusually high amount of lauric acid in it, which is found in breast milk and builds your immune system. It has effective antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal properties that can fight viruses, bacteria and infections. Lauric acid also reduces bad cholesterol levels, which lowers heart disease and stroke risks. And finally, coconut milk is rich in antioxidants, Vitamins C, B, E, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron. Magnesium calms nerves and helps regulate blood pressure.


So stop counting calories and shunning good fats, and incorporate some coconut milk into your diet! Low fat and low calories does not equal healthy and fit. Delicious, healthy, and nutritious food that makes you feel fantastic and satisfied does.


By the way, organic coconut milk ice cream is one of my favorite ice cream flavors. It is so yummy, and creamy, you won’t believe it’s not made with milk. Try Blue Marble organic coconut ice cream, and So Delicious’ coconut mini bars for a heavenly treat! This summer I want to try to make my own coconut ice cream, with low glycemic coconut sugar, dark chocolate pieces, and coconut milk…

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  1. Okay, coconut is just so magically delicious that I don’t even know where to begin. I use the milk, the water, the oil, the actual fruit, and it’s fantastic. When I was first trying out natural remedies for mononucleosis, I came across coconut oil and read about the lauric acid, which helps with so much when you buy it in concentrated form. Most people don’t get it and they’re like, ‘It’s just because you’re vegan!’ but a friend of mine had it everyday on his cereal during his vegan challenge. And coconut ice cream is the only kind I eat, Luna & Larry is my absolute favorite! I also learned a nifty trick from Pinterest (my obsession): shake up a can of coconut milk, put it in the fridge, and when you open it the cream will have separated from the water. I save the water for smoothies and whip the cream with vanilla and agave. Viola! Coconut whipped cream and it’s DELICIOUS

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