How to triple your Instagram story views in 3 steps

Are you frustrated with low story views and wish more of your followers would see your stories?

(And if you haven’t started posting in stories, weeelll girl you better start if you’re serious about growing your brand.) Your audience, brands and customers want story content. Why? Because Instagram stories have a high conversion rate, and allow you to connect in a more intimate way than a curated feed post.

And if you’re posting regularly and feel discouraged that only the same friends are watching your stories, don’t despair! I gotchu.

So here are a few simple tricks to increasing Instagram story views:

1. Less is more

Try to be selective in your stories and don’t story spam. We all have those insta friends who post dozens of stories daily, and you end up skipping through them or clicking away. Because ain’t nobody got the time for it. Don’t be that girl. Think of a dozen as your max daily limit, as this will allow you to focus and boost your engagement. The more stories you post without getting a good engagement, the less followers your next stories will be shown to.

2. Use interactive elements 

Add interactive elements in every single story. This makes your story active even if it’s a static image post. Even if your story is just a behind the scenes image of your pet, add a poll, a slider, a questions box, or a quiz to prompt engagement from your viewers! The more answers you get, the more your stories will be viewed. The algorithm is a secret sauce formula based on engagement.

3. Use hashtags, tags, and locations

Add hashtags, account tags, and locations. This expands your stories reach as now your stories can be seen by non-followers based on hashtags or locations they visit. For example, if you’re at that popular ice cream shop, use the location and tag them! They will probably add your story to their stories, and you will show up in the location feed of the ice cream shop.

Start experimenting now!

There, now go and play around and experiment on stories. Remember they disappear after 24 hours, unless you add them to your Highlights, so don’t worry about messing up. And if you’re not ready to boost your engagement with video stories, just start with static posts- you have thousands of pics on your phone already- your content is right there at your finger tips- no photoshoots necessary, so just START! A pretty sunset, your baby, a cute storefront, your toes at the beach, whatever pics are in your camera roll, start sharing girl! 

Shy about video? Check out my Introvert’s Guide to Rock Story Videos!

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  1. I didn’t know that interaction with Insta stories made the algorithm show your story to more people next timeโ€”tho it makes total sense. I’m going to start using more polls and questions!

    1. Hi Catherine, yes slowly but surely you can grow your story views with engagement! I also have a stories support group- if you DM me on insta I can add you ๐Ÿ™‚

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