unique handmade etsy gift pick for her: kimono laptop sleeve

i admit it, i already bought myself my Xmas gift (isn’t buying yourself gifts wonderful? you get exactly what you need and want…). i was searching far and wide for the perfect laptop sleeve for my 11″ MacBook Air, as i had been using my old laptop bag which was ugly and far too large for my little baby laptop.

i knew i wanted something special that wasn’t plastic or leather, and i couldn’t see anything that commercial big name brands created that even came close. so i spent hours on etsy perusing handmade options. and i finally found what i was searching for…

IMG_1117…a beautiful, handmade, affordable custom laptop sleeve that protects my laptop all around, is padded, has pockets, and is easy to open. enter MofLeema, an etsy shop run from Canada, that creates gorgeous laptop sleeves, bags, accessories etc from a wide variety of kimono fabric.

IMG_1119as i was born and grew up in Japan, i love that MofLeema uses kimono fabric, which are fabrics for traditional Japanese gowns. i chose the fabric for the outside and the inside lining. you can customize it to a wide range of available fabrics.

IMG_1128i also loved the two pockets on the front of the sleeve. big enough to hold my iPhone, notebook, pens, lip balm, even a slim wallet. it makes this laptop sleeve extremely convenient for on the go, and ensures you have everything you need in a gorgeous package.

IMG_1127the price point is so reasonable you will be shocked! head on over to MofLeema and check out all the fabric combinations and options. it’s the perfectly unique yet practical gift for the lady in your life, or yourself.


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