Caru Skincare – Dry Skin Facial Kit Review

I have combination skin, but have not been very happy with the results from most combination skin products. They seem to increase breakouts, and dryness. So I wanted to go really simple, and find a line of products that was super pure, simple to use, and inexpensive.


I’m tired of shelling out hundreds of bucks every month on skincare that is just meh or runs out quickly. And I’ve made the mistake of trying out cheap so called natural lines like Yes to Carrots only to realize they are laden with chemical fragrances. Yuk.

A friend of mine introduced me to Dominique Caron, the Founder of Caru Skincare, and I have been enjoying her line of exquisite handmade organic soaps ever since. Caru is based in NYC, and I just adore everything about this budding business- the design, the sustainable seed bomb packaging, the no bullshit totally organic and pure ingredients.

Recently, Caru sent me the Dry Facial Kit to try, and I am very happy with it. I wouldn’t have bought products targeted at dry skin, but the reality is that it works better for me than the combo skin products, especially now that my skin is getting drier in the fall. So I highly recommend this kit whether you have sensitive, combination, or dry skin.




Rock + Rose Facial Toner

This gorgeous vintage pharmacy bottle of organic rose toner smells like a cross between raspberry yogurt and a rose garden. It is divinely delicious, and feels fantastic on my skin. It’s hard to find a toner that is organic, smells amazing, and is affordable. I can compare its quality to Jurlique’s Rose Toner which is much more expensive. The toner is alcohol and preservative-free and made of 3 different types of organic rose hydrosols: Rock Rose, Damascus Rose, and Geranium Rose.

Rock Rose is astringent, cicatrisant, and is known to help smooth fine lines. Geranium is balancing, adaptogenic, humectant, and cooling. Damascus rose hydrosol, traditionally referred to as “rose water”, is balancing, a humectant, and a mild astringent. The hydrosols create a gentle, hydrating, and clarifying facial toner suitable for dry, acneic, or sensitive skin. 



French Green Clay Soap

I love the versatility of this soap. You can use this as a face soap AND a body soap. I hate cleansers that don’t foam- they’re so unsatisfying. This soap is foaming, and gentle, and leaves the skin clean, yet not stripped dry. French Green Clay is a natural detoxifying clay. Lavender and cedar essential oils nourish the skin and prevent breakouts. I’ve tried this both in the shower and just as a face soap, and am rather pleased with the cost effective 2 in 1 function. The linen bag that the products come in are great to use for the soap if you’re traveling.





Jojoba Facial Moisturizer

I’ve been a fan of facial oils for many years, and have tried just about all the organic and natural skincare oils out there. I get frustrated by the high cost of them. I also find it confusing as to which oils are the best ones. Jojoba oil turns out to be high in Vitamin E, doesn’t clog pores, and absorbs quickly. I loved that only a few drops were enough, and it didn’t leave my face an oil slick.






Great value at $40 for all three products. Beautiful gift, as the packaging is lovely and sustainable. Love the simplicity and versatility of the products. You don’t have to read a long list of ingredients, you can trust that it is truly all pure and natural. And most importantly, works great for my skin!


The toner could have a spray mist top. I personally love misting my face. And the Jojoba Oil and Soap could have some more essential oils in them to enhance the aromatherapeutic experience.


You can buy the Facial Kit at caruskincareco.com. Stay tuned for our Caru Skincare Giveaway coming very, very soon!

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