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Welcome, welcome, welcome

to the Money Magnet Mama podcast. I am so excited and happy that you’re here and if you have a small business and big dreams, then hello. Hey! Hi there! I am your dream midwife and business bestie, and I’m here to illuminate your path to limitless abundance and sustainable success, and to help you birth and build a thriving business that’s aligned with your heart and soul.

So in this podcast, I’m going to be serving up a Mash up of business strategy, money mindset, and magnetic marketing, frosted and sprinkled with Masha Magic, rainbows, sprinkles.

You are in the right place, my friend

If you you’re a heart centered entrepreneur or a small business owner, or a multi passionate, creative who doesn’t fit in with the toxic hustle culture that’s out there and all the bro marketing sleaze and you want to build your abundant life and dream business differently with heart and soul, joy and ease.

And I want you to know that it’s possible because it’s my soul’s purpose to teach you how to go from that grind of trading time for money, to actually scaling your revenue and your freedom by chasing joy and practicing ease.

So hello there

I’m Masha Goins.

I am a business coach, a pricing strategist, and a mini mindset queen, and I’m also an intuitive light worker and abundance activator.

And my story is…

I went from being a burnt out working mom with a dream and a dream of having my own business and being an entrepreneur, to starting a side hustle, to being able to quit my job, and now owning a multi six figure online business that is so fulfilling. It lights me up and it allows me the freedom to only work part time hours while my little kids are in school and spend most of my time offline doing the things that I love and living my life.

In this podcast

I’m going to share all the things online business that I’ve learned and how to make them easier, how to make it more fun, and how to make it less complicated. From business strategy, magnetic marketing, high ticket pricing from 1 to 1, coaching to selling one to many with courses, memberships and group coaching programs, we are going to tackle all of it and I’m also going to go on a deep dive into what I call mindset magic, and how you can rewire your brain for success in abundance by making your soul’s purpose and potential your reality.

Because strategy without mindset is not going to lead to success and trust me, I’ve learned the hard way. And of course, Money Magnet Mama is about making money and moolah and apologetically on your terms by having an impact and changing lives and making the world a better place. So sure, of course you’re going to learn how to make an s ton of money and attract abundance in every area of your life that you are desiring, and you’re also going to learn how the process of doing that how selling, launching and marketing can be so much fun, fulfilling a life, and surprisingly, profoundly spiritual.

And of course, true freedom in abundance is not just about financials. It’s about stepping out of the matrix and reclaiming your time freedom so that you can live your dream life now, not just when you’re retiring.

So each raw and unscripted episode is going to dish up powerful and actionable strategies and downloads for limitless business growth, mindset shifts and energetic and soul expansion so that you can finally smash your self-doubt and quantum leap into what I call your next level self by simplifying your life and amplifying your joy and abundance.

So put on your walking shoes, or grab your cozy blanket and cuppa and let’s go on a magic Flamingo flight for the most transformative and empowering self-development business journey that you never imagined you would be going on. I am so excited to share this labor of love with you, this, transformative podcast that it’s going to take you from self-doubt to success.

Thank you

And I want to thank you for taking the time not just to listen to my trailer, but taking the time to support me and my small but mighty mom owned business. I really appreciate you taking a moment to leave me a five star rating and review, and I want to offer you a gift for your kindness. It’s a powerful abundance activation that is going to allow you to shift into abundance in just 15 minutes.

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So, until next time, I leave you with

Courage & Confetti, and so. much. love.