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Money Magnet Mama podcast

where magnetic marketing meets money mindset and online business strategy.

From chill launch strategies, the energetics of pricing, to evergreen sales and high ticket group coaching programs, I’m going to dish on all the secrets to making more, and working less.

Youโ€™ll love listening if youโ€ฆ

  • are a multi-passionate dreamer, healer, empath, or hypersensitive creative
  • feel like you don’t fit in with the toxic hustle culture and the bro marketing sleaze
  • want to build your abundant life and dream business with heart and soul, joy and ease.
Episode 1

From Self Doubt to Multiple Six Figures:

How I Grew My Working Mom Side Hustle into a Successful Online Business

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Episode 2

The Secret about Money Blocks!

The Energy of Money, Your Pricing, and How to Attract Abundance

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Episode 3

How to Work Less and Make More Money Online!

Ditch the Toxic Hustle Culture for Time Freedom

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Episode 4

How to Sell Online Stress-Free!

My Profitable Group Coaching Program Launch WITHOUT Ads or Posting Daily: Secrets to making $60k in 30 Days

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Episode 5

Become Competition-Proof!

How to overcome Imposter Syndrome and Social Media Comparisonitis by Understanding the Sister Wound Concept

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Episode 6

The Magic of Magnetic Messaging

3 Steps to Find your Voice, Attract Dream Clients, and Sell Out your Offers

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