lemon cheesecake with crunchy biscoff crust

i don’t like cheesecakes that are syrupy sweet and have soggy crusts. so for my hubby’s Birthday, i decided to make my first cheesecake, and was adamant to create one with a crunchy crust that was memorable.


it could’ve been a complete disaster, especially because i don’t have a food processor, and i started making it only a few hours before serving, when cheesecakes are supposed to be refrigerated for a long time… oops.


it was so ridiculously delicious. i was rather pleased when he announced that it was the most delicious dessert he’s ever had (he was on a sugar high). but still, i was invisible patting myself on the back all day.


so here’s the recipe. it’s a modification of the inspiration- Lucy Mercer’s Meyer Lemon cheesecake. i’ve baked it a few times now, experimented with the recipe to make it just right (and as easy as possible), and added a simple mixed berry sauce you’ll want to eat straight from the pot, or on ice cream, or just spoonfuls for dinner once the baby is asleep…[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:9]

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