Antipodes Divine Face Oil + Ananda Toner Review

Antipodes is a new premium organic skincare company I found out about during a facial, when I couldn’t stop raving about how this Aura Manuka Honey Mask smelled and felt on my skin- I left it on for a couple hours, and you couldn’t even tell, because it was just like a thick moisturizer that clarified my skin, and my face was in some kind of heaven, it looked supremely better after.
So then I started researching about this brand that I couldn’t find in any of the stores here, because they’re from New Zealand and only started selling in the US online recently.

Antipodes has certified organic and natural skincare featuring premium avocado oil and bioactive ingredients from Zealand. They manufacture locally and use ingredients from sustainably cultivated plants and renewable resources- great! So I contacted them, and scored some goodies for my fellow LivLuna members…


Antipodes has generously offered these 2 products to be part of our mega natural & organic summer skincare giveaway coming up in a couple days 🙂 AND…

Antipodes has offered LivLunatics a coupon code for all products on their website- enter code “LivLuna” to take 10% off and you get extra free shipping over $75 as well! Go to www.antipodesnature.us

I know what I want- the Natural Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream, the Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream, and that delicious hydrating  Aura Manuka Honey Treatment Mask (it’s so insanely effective, i will write a separate review on it).


Antipodes Divine Face Oil


“Light and non-greasy, it penetrates instantly to keep your skin soft and completely hydrated. With its entrancing fragrance of ylang ylang, sweet orange and jasmine, your skin will be radiant with good health and will feel divine. It’s the ultimate boost for stressed out skin!


Scientifically shown to stimulate synthesis of collagen production in human skin cells by up to 51%.”


So that all sounds great, but how does it perform? I can’t speak to the collagen claims, but I can tell you that I use face oil every day, and I’ve tried all the natural and organic brands out there, and this is definitely in my top 3 face oils. It feels very rich and concentrated but absorbs beautifully, not leaving an oily film on your skin. Definitely not greasy!


I’m a huge fan of face oil because I have combination skin, and it balances out my dry areas plus my oily T zone. Contrary to popular belief, putting oil on your face does not make your face more oily, au contraire, it balances and reigns in your skin’s oil sebum production, and it hydrates your skin and protects it.


This oil is divine indeed! It smells really deliciously essential oily amazingly, it feels great and makes my skin look stunning- supple, soft, glowing and balanced. I haven’t had breakouts since using it, and my skin looks smoother, more moisturized and more even, less ‘wrinkly’. I put it on after washing and toning in the morning, before my sunscreen, and after a shower, and sometimes in place of my night cream. I also use it on my neck and decollete.


mini cons: it’s a small bottle, and though it feels concentrated and you only need a few drops each time, I kind of want to take a bath in this oil and put it all over my body, which of course is a cost prohibitive fantasy. Maybe Antipodes wants to send me a lifetime supply of it or fly me to New Zealand and use me as a human tester by dunking me in the oil vats?


overall rating: 5 out of 5



Antipodes Ananda Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner


“Pure New Zealand Waiwera artesian water.

High in natural minerals & voted “Worlds Best Water”*, offers hydration & moisture balance to sensitized skins.


Elements of Beauty: Raspberry extract which is high in omegas, helps strenghten stressed & delicate skin, while soothing skin irratated by environmental aggressors, Antioxidant-rich Mamaku black fern assists with healthy cell proliferation. Dermatologically approved for sensitive skin.”


This toner is luxurious yet gentle. It definitely feels great and does the job, it’s very nourishing, refreshing, and perfect for spraying on after cleansing your face and before applying product. It smells wonderfully of rose, and I could spray it on my face all the time. But I do like my toner to be a bit ‘stronger’ in the sense of smell and have a higher concentration of active ingredients. (My skin- though very see through and delicate- is not necessarily ‘sensitive’ to essential oils and natural products.)


What I love is how refreshing the toner is in the summer heat. This would be the perfect spray to keep in the fridge or cooler and take to the beach with you and hydrate on the airplane, because it is gentle and hydrating, and doesn’t feel oily or smell too strongly. So as a family toner and spray, and for those with sensitive skin who want an effective toner, that is not overwhelming in terms of scent and feel – this is perfect!


mini cons: the spray nozzle is a little bit too strong- if it was softer to press and distributed a gentler, finer mist of the toner that would be preferable for me. Also, to reiterate, I prefer toner to smell a little stronger- I’d prefer a higher concentration of essential oils. And it’s a bit pricey.


overall rating: 4 out 5



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