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Since I’ve started hosting giveaways on LivLuna, I’ve decided to start entering other sites’ giveaways as well, in part because I hope to win, and also to support their contests. For the record, I’ve never won anything in my life- raffes, lottery, sweepstakes, etc. So imagine my shock when I get an email from Julia at Refinery 29 (mega cool fashion site) that i’ve won their eco fashion Edun giveaway, which includes a styling session with a fashion blogger at the Edun showroom, and backstage tickets to the Edun runway show during Sept NY Fashion Week!

I just couldn’t believe the odds of winning- they have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and I WON? I had to call Julia to actually confirm it. The universe works in beautiful ways some times- I am a huge fan of Refinery 29, and Edun, the fashion label started by Bono’s wife Ali Hewson. (<— awesome couple). I love the fact that a high end fashion label is pushing eco fashion and fair trade and really putting the developing world, esp. Africa, front and center in their manufacturing and designs.

I was lucky to win, but I would argue that I really was the perfect person to win because it meant so much to me, and as a diehard eco fashionista I care so deeply about these issues, and I cannot afford to buy Edun (hence the eco fashion on LivLunaShop is all much lower pricepoints), so maybe I somehow manifested this with my eco fashion special powers ๐Ÿ˜‰

The actual styling session was very interesting. I met Julia from Refinery 29, Ali the digital marketing person from Edun, Peter the photographer from Spreadhouse and Tess from The Little Black List. Part of the prize was having styling diva and fashion blogger Tess Pare Mayer style me. Tess is a true diva and watching her in action was fascinating.

Check out the slideshow of the shoot, thanks to Peter the photographer (he’s the cute one in the blue undies):

[slider name=”edun-shoot”]

Tess styled outfits for herself and helped me pick an outfit to keep and wear to the fashion show, and she is quite the character-ย the girl is a whirlwind of balls, ego, style, and confidence.ย She has an eclectic sense of style which I love, and she puts outfits together that you wouldn’t necessarily expect, as she demonstrated pairing men’s tops with knit minis. She was also very cunning at getting the photographer Peter undress for her (while she grabbed his camera and snapped some pics- evidence in the slideshow) so she could style him, all the while ferociously flirting as we got to view his matching blue socks and underwear (sorry Peter I just couldn’t help mention the match- still unclear if it was a deliberate style choice you made that morning).

Ali from Edun was lovely and had the clothes on a rack for us to sift through- soft dresses, knitted vests and skirts, silky and leather minis, fringed tops, there was a lot of beautiful clothes, but not all of them worked for me or Tess.ย After a few outfits that didn’t work (one dress that I kind of liked Tess exclaimed in horror, oh no, you look like an ice skater, and i promptly took that off, clearly that’s not the look i was going for?). I think I could get used to having a stylist, though both Tess and Peter forgot to point out the hair on the top of my head in one of the shots (why am i such a dork?).

I had two final outfits I loved- one being a black mini and blouse, and the other a dress and cropped jacket. Because I’m so tall I don’t tend to like minis much, and we decided in the end that i’d feel more casual in the dress and jacket. Since then of course I can’t stop thinking about the skirt/blouse outfit and how great it would be to have them to wear to an upcoming cocktail or dinner function, or dress the blouse down with jeans, but I didn’t feel comfortable asking if I could score those as well… (so, um, Ali if you have extra samples of these and want to send them to me i will be your fan forever).

I am totally in love with my final outfit, theย Edun Lace Print Long Sleeve High Neck Draped Dressย and theย Edun Cropped Belted Jacket With Rivet Studs. Tess insisted I wear the jacket to she show although it was quite mild, along with ankle boots. I obeyed though it was frigging warm. She was my stylist and fashion master for the weekend, me her fashion slave and victim… I am so excited to wear this awesome Russian/military looking jacket all of fall and winter, and the dress is so comfy, and pretty in its draping.

As for the Edun runway show, there’s enough material for a separate blog post- i have so much to say about it…

The moral of this story is: support eco fashion and enter giveaways! LivLuna’s eco fashion fall giveaway can be found here- don’t miss out- enter now, someone’s gotta win ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks again to R29, Edun & Tess for this fun experience and beautiful clothes xox

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  1. Just read your blog, as i was searching for information on this fall’s Fashion Week and Edun’s participation.
    You never followed up with a separate blog about the runway show! PLEASE DO! I do NOT want to derail
    the topic, am very interested in what you have to say, fashion world- wise! Do please give us whatever detail
    you are able, not only is Ali a wonderful human being, her husband is one, as well!! – I mean a wonderful human
    being.. he just has NO knowledge of fashion, but knowledge about supporting and empowering others. Do you agree?

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